I thought perhaps we should start a task list just to cover off some of the main tasks between now and early November. Please comment with ideas/amends/suggestions, offers to take on some or all of a task:


Task Responsibility Comment
Website content updates Geoff I am happy to keep updating the site but will need help with content.   So if you have any news please let me know.    An accompanying image would be good too. One of the best ways to get   the site noticed is through regular updating so from now I will do a post on   each of us with an image and artist statement/ or anything you want to say   about yourself/your work. So when you get a chance please send me your info.   I have a couple to start with but need more.
Logo etc.   It would be good to have some graphic ID for our show. We can use it   on the banner, flyers invitations, the works.

Bruna would you like to help us with this?

Banner   Banner for outside the Rag Trade and also perhaps some form of sign   for the glass wall at the entrance to Apricot (see picture of a previous exhibition   on the Members page)

Needs designing. Size of banner can be got from Silas: hello@ragfactory.org.uk

Need to find a supplier as   well. Silas suggested the banner be bold and simple as it needs to be noticed   from Brick Lane.

Press Release   We need a press release to announce our exhibition along with   about  5 images. I have a list of   people it can be sent to.
Flyer   A flyer like we had for the Auction would be handy. I think that   there are so many exhibitions on during Photomonth it would be good to have a   flyer we can deposit at various shows around town. Also we can leaflet the   Steven Berkoff event at The Cass.
Private View invitation   Perhaps we can modify the flyer as a PV invitation.
Catalogue   What about something along the lines of the postcards that some   students used in the MA show?


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