Elizabeth Bicher

‘The family album is the memory keeper; the precious object that gives validity to all of the happy holidays, birthdays, and graduations. Proof that they happened. But what about the unrecorded events? Where do those memories go?
I have been looking critically at my relationship to photographs of my mother in order to address my experiences as her daughter and the memories that each image invokes. I am attempting to remember what is not depicted in our family album, recreating my own version of events in the making of a new photograph, which could be termed a mirrored response; I sit before the camera with my mother’s photograph staring directly at me, I return the gaze and am newly enabled to react, no longer as a child, but as an empowered adult’.

2012 – MA – Photography, London Metropolitan University
2011 – BFA – Photography, California State University Long Beach

Solo Exhibitions
2005 Travels, Margaret Clarke Gallery, Redlands, CA
2010 Color Prints, Porter Gallery, Long Beach, CA

Group Exhibitions
2007 Black and White, Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2011 Picture This, C.S.U.L.B Gatov Gallery, Long Beach, CA
2012 Work in Progress, London Metropolitan University, London, UK
2012 MA Show, MA Show The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design

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