Paul Robinson



Paul Robinson photographs Orthodox Jewish scenes in London and Jerusalem and prints them onto parchment of animal origin, using photographic emulsion painted onto the parchment to render it light sensitive and then printing and developing the images. The parchment represents the material used in the creation of the written Jewish law, […]

Geoff Titley

We Like the Mirror and the Mirror Likes Us*

As the collective cyber consciousness grows we look to establish our roles in the virtual world. In the old world we press the buttons on our gadgets and bit by bit we upload ourselves to the new, steered by affirmations from the new world order.


Bego Garcia


The Birdsongs series has its roots in my desire to explore lost memories; I’m interested in the relationship between memory, time and narrative.

‘The present divides the future and past, What could happen next and what happened last.’

Extract (sonnet: Iphgenia […]

Fotios-Kyriakos Variatzas

This body of work examines interrelated murders that were committed during the 1960’s in Boston. The aim of this project is to bring back to the spotlight one of the biggest failures of the justice system – failure to convict and protect the people who were affected by the actions of Boston Strangler(s). This […]

Jane Garfield

These images are the work in progress of my new collection ‘Pre’ Family Album. They are a response to my adoption documents. Each photograph’s title has been taken from statements written about me by officials dealing with the adoption case. It is titled ‘Pre’ Family album to illustrate the passage of time when I […]

Bruna Martini

Bruna Martini is a multimedia artist who investigates the boundaries between film, photography and cultural artifacts taken from everyday life.

In ‘The Tyranny of Beauty’, Bruna critiques the model of female beauty imposed by society through the mass media. The prevailing idea that the female body can be improved to perfection transforms […]

Elena Sarghiuta




A Space Within: Triptych

In the world I envision, everything is engaged in constant change, thus everything is fluid. The work is meant to be seen as a triptych, where the images are arranged sequentially. They inform each other and merge to form ‘imaginary’ landscapes drawn […]