Bego Garcia


The Birdsongs series has its roots in my desire to explore lost memories; I’m interested in the relationship between memory, time and narrative.

‘The present divides the future and past,
What could happen next and what happened last.’

  Extract  (sonnet: Iphgenia Baal)

The work exists as a photo fiction book with a hidden reality, which narrates memories in the shape of fantasies or dreams, or a mixture of the two. It deals with trauma and fears but also with happier instances, or perhaps with the uncertainty of not knowing exactly which they were, and whether real or imagined.

What interests me is the conquering of fear; the playing with and hiding from it, being ashamed of it, and finally not being afraid any more.

I want my photographs to be enigmatic, allusive and elusive. I also want to develop ways of representing shared personal memories while creating spaces where the imagination can be playful.

The Birdsongs series belongs to a land were the photographs are like lost frames of a narrative that belong to a bigger story — perhaps these images are like found fragments.

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