The Cass MA Interim Show 2013

MA Photography and MA Fine Art Student Show

A Testing Time members and Photomonth 2012 exhibitors Paul Robinson, Héloïse Bergman,Elaine Verrier and Geoff Titley will be showing work in MA Interim Show, M_INT at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University. The show starts on Monday 11th March 2013 and runs through until Saturday 16th March. It is open 11am-8pm during the week and 11am-5pm on Saturday. The Private View on Thursday March 14th, 5.00-8.30pm will include some fundraising events such as a Silent Auction of work by students and staff as well as established artists, a photo booth event and raffles. There will also be a solo cellist during the evening. come along for a chance to buy some artwork at extremely affordable prices.

For further info visit the show’s website M_INT

International Photo Blog

International Photo Blog was started by A Testing Time exhibitor, Paul Robinson to create an online visual discussion between people in various countries. The blog is open for anyone to comment with an image (no words) in an effort to establish dialogue minus the usual words and phrases that often become cliches in a discussion especially in zones of conflict. Have a look at the Blog and join in the visual discussion.


One of the exhibitors in A Testing Time during Photomonth 2012, Geoff Titley is undertaking a new project in digital photography called 10×8.

For this project, Geoff has invited 10 artists and 1 musician to work on 8 images he produces over a period of several weeks. The 8 images are all based on popular image searches in Google. The aim of the project is to explore possibilities that digital photography offers that might not be available in the more traditional methods of photography.

To see how the project is progressing, visit 10×8.

Parastoo Ebneali

Parastoo Ebneali

Now We Will Prosper?

A Testing Time Opens

A Testing Time, the exhibition by 13 London photography artists opened last night at Apricot Gallery in The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Street, London E1. The show runs until Sunday 11th November.

Ozan Güner

Paul Robinson



Paul Robinson photographs Orthodox Jewish scenes in London and Jerusalem and prints them onto parchment of animal origin, using photographic emulsion painted onto the parchment to render it light sensitive and then printing and developing the images. The parchment represents the material used in the creation of the written Jewish law, the Torah.
In the “Faces – Don’t say cheese” project he photographed subjects adopting a range of different expressions and presents them as a repeating film.  the sequences of expressions at 1 per second are taken over 16 seconds.  The work includes a variety of different subjects and visitors will be able to be ask to be included in the film.

Geoff Titley

We Like the Mirror and the Mirror Likes Us*

As the collective cyber consciousness grows we look to establish our roles in the virtual world. In the old world we press the buttons on our gadgets and bit by bit we upload ourselves to the new, steered by affirmations from the new world order.

I am interested in the transformation from private to public as we make our moves to our new online homes. As we move, a bit of privacy slips away, also perhaps, along with a bit of our identity.

*Phrase from an article by Jonathan Franzen in The New York Times, entitled: Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts. May 28, 2011

Visit to see more of Geoff’s work.

Bego Garcia


The Birdsongs series has its roots in my desire to explore lost memories; I’m interested in the relationship between memory, time and narrative.

‘The present divides the future and past,
What could happen next and what happened last.’

  Extract  (sonnet: Iphgenia Baal)

The work exists as a photo fiction book with a hidden reality, which narrates memories in the shape of fantasies or dreams, or a mixture of the two. It deals with trauma and fears but also with happier instances, or perhaps with the uncertainty of not knowing exactly which they were, and whether real or imagined.

What interests me is the conquering of fear; the playing with and hiding from it, being ashamed of it, and finally not being afraid any more.

I want my photographs to be enigmatic, allusive and elusive. I also want to develop ways of representing shared personal memories while creating spaces where the imagination can be playful.

The Birdsongs series belongs to a land were the photographs are like lost frames of a narrative that belong to a bigger story — perhaps these images are like found fragments.

Fotios-Kyriakos Variatzas

This body of work examines interrelated murders that were committed during the 1960’s in Boston. The aim of this project is to bring back to the spotlight one of the biggest failures of the justice system – failure to convict and protect the people who were affected by the actions of Boston Strangler(s). This row of diptychs does not only represent the story of the women who got murdered, but it also tries to show that everyone, including the man who was convicted for thirteen murders, was affected by the incompetent justice system of the time. It could be said that this work functions as a historical paradigm. By turning the narrative into images through the merging of factual elements and the missing parts of the story, I would like to encourage the viewer to reconsider the limitations of the justice system.